These San Francisco worker-owners and 1000 of their co-workers have spent years dedicated to the service of our communities and neighborhoods.

But now, they are being victimized by the criminal behavior of corrupt SF city officials and former corporate executives. 

Because of this criminal behavior, which these workers had nothing to do with, opportunistic corporate entities will likely take advantage of the situation by putting their jobs out to bid. This will eliminate these workers' ownership in their company along with a substantial loss of hard-earned ownership savings.

But you, as a Bay Area Resident, can help them keep their employee ownership and their ownership savings.

Hear their stories.

Ayanna Banks

Jenny Trang

Quentin Booker

How You Can Help!

The voting public in the Bay Area can defend these workers and right this wrong. Watch the video below, and please sign up to stay informed about this critical matter. The livelihoods of 1000 hard-working women and men who collect and process our recycling and garbage in San Francisco are at risk.  

Join us and include your name below as a supporter of our campaign: Community And Neighbors- C.A.N. These women and men have quietly performed their tasks to keep your communities and neighborhoods safe and clean for decades.  Give back simply by signing up and staying aware of their cause.

We will periodically update you on the status of our fight. - Thank you

The next time you see your recycling and garbage collector, why don't you give them a wave. They'll appreciate it!

"Normally I go through my day without even thinking about who collects garbage and recycling.  After becoming part of CAN(Community and Neighbors) I wave to my collector whenever I see her.  It's a reminder of the important and under-appreciated work she does."

Xiangyang Wu

"My cousin works in the San Francisco recycling facility.  What he tells me of how hard their work is, and how proud he is to be an employee-owner, always inspires me."

Terry Chase
SF resident

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